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School Meals

The school provides free lunchtime meals for K.S.1 children as part of the Universal Infant Free School Meal Scheme (UIFSM) and for those children of parents in K.S.2 who qualify for this service under the family income supplement scheme Free School Meals (FSM). 

For K.S.2 a hot lunch facility is available from an outside supplier at a small charge, and places and supervision are provided for children who bring their packed lunches. 

Children should bring water or soft drinks in containers, which are un-breakable, and not `fizzy’ drinks.  

Drinking water is available at lunchtimes and throughout the school day from water bottles that pupils bring to school and keep with them.

We encourage the consumption of healthy food options at ‘break’ and lunchtimes.  We ask that crisps and chocolate sweets/bars are not consumed as snacks and if eaten, are part of a balanced packed lunch.

Fruit is available for purchase by pupils in Key Stage 2 and younger children have free fruit under the government scheme.

FOOD/HEALTH NOTE: To reduce the risk to children with nut allergies, all food brought into school should not contain nuts or significant nut traces.   This applies to break time snacks, where we insist on fresh or dried fruit or cheese, and also to packed lunches.           


Free School Meals

If you think you are entitled to Free School Meals (any year group) please complete the online form at