Pupils Voice- Our New Curriculum  

What have you enjoyed learning about?


 “ I am really enjoying doing  co-ordinate work in numeracy”

“ I like science because we learn  about the human body, plants, animals and lifecycles."

“We like doing P.E . We have been doing invasion skills and dance.  We have also had a coach in from Carres Grammar School to teach us handball.”

“In maths we have been learning about angles , sometimes I find it hard but I always have someone to help me if I need it.”


“I like literacy because I like writing and I want to be an author when I grow up. I have lots of opportunities to write in lots of different subjects.”

“We write about the explorers in geography like Captain James Cook ."

“ I like using ICT for maths, science and literacy.”


“I like being a captain in the space area.”

“ I like making things with the lego.”

“I like doing letters and words in the sand.”

How can we improve our curriculum?


"We would like to do more art, DT and music and different PE activities such as golf, athletics, basketball, volleyball, cross country"

"We would like more outside learning particularly in the woods. Could we do photography?"


"I would like to make my own maps and experience more things."

"I would like more opportunities to dress up and be a Roman"

What do you like best?


“I think targets are good because you can focus on it and you know what you have to do to get better.”

“Targets are good and we have lots of opportunities to meet them.”

 "In my opinion targets are a guide and a goal; they are a guide because they help you with your work and a goal because they are something that you can achieve."


“ I like phonics with Inky. We play lots of P.E. games and you get to fly the parachute – it’s really good fun.”

“ I like playing outside because I found a pterodactyl!” 


What do you enjoy least?


“I don’t really enjoy PE in the winter because it is cold.”

“ I would like to read more  books such as Harry Potter.”

“ I am really being stretched in literacy but sometimes it makes me feel really tired.”