Cranwell Primary School is a co-educational primary school for children aged 4 to 11 years

The school has some 345 pupils aged 4-11 years of age, situated in rural Lincolnshire five miles northwest of Sleaford.

The school lies on the edge of the Royal Air Force establishment of Cranwell which was created along with the service itself in 1918. The school serves two communities in a rural setting: the village of Cranwell and the R.A.F. College and Station at Cranwell.  Since 1963 the present building has provided education for the village and the families of service personnel, but many children also come from surrounding villages and the nearby town of Sleaford.

The school has a tradition of settling in new pupils and giving each of them a sound reassuring base for their educational development with a varied and stimulating curriculum to capture their interest and support. Our success and achievements have been acknowledged with awards for Health and Fitness, ICT and the Arts.

The school has no formal religious affiliation, but as it was formed in 1963 by the amalgamation of the Aerodrome School and the village's church school, there are close links with all the local churches through their visiting clergy, Royal Air Force Chaplains, and church links represented on the governing body. The local Parochial Parish Church Council work very closely with the school and provide frequent whole school assemblies adopting the ‘Open the Book’ - presenting the Bible in an accessible and enjoyable way.

Mobility through pupil turnover is a unique aspect to the school, which the school is proud to manage outstandingly. Approximately 35-45% of the school population changes within an academic year.

The high mobility (movement of RAF dependents) can often be an unsettling period for children and families, not only for the families arriving or leaving , but for the children of permanent residence in and around Cranwell who may lose a friend or a group of friends through such mobility. To support the children and families during these times is a specialised skill to which our caring staff are fully adept at performing.