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Our Aims, Vision and Ethos 

Our School's Vision 

The governing body and the staff, working together with pupils, parents and community envisage every child in the school being assured of the best possible primary education so that each pupil is able to achieve his or her full potential. The school will provide support to those who need it and ensure that all pupils will strive to:


  Be healthy.    Stay safe.    Enjoy and achieve.    Make a positive contribution.  

Achieve economic well being. 

The school will maintain its established ethos in which all members of the school community are valued and where everyone strives to meet the school's highest expectations. Improvements are actively pursued and good progress is nurtured with all our achievements celebrated. 


Our School's Aim

The school's aims to provide a rich and varied curriculum, ensuring that all children are challenged to achieve their best and to become confident and independent learners. 

The school aims to be at the heart of the community, setting out to promote and nurture moral values within a happy, secure and stimulating environment where everyone is, and feels valued. 

The School Aims to Personal Development:

Personal Development

- Develop independence and self-confidence.

- Encourage individual developmnet  in invention, creativity and curiosity. 

- Adopt a flexible attitude to meet the challenges of a changing world. 

- Encourage good manners, with kind and considerate behaviour. 

- Promote awareness of personal safety and what to do in emergencies. 


- Develop the ability to listen and contribute effectively in discussion.

- Nurture reading ability to the highest level possible for each child.

- Extend vocabulary in order to write clear and meaningful English.

- Become confident with mathematical concepts and the mental skills of calculation.

- Develop the ability to solve number and word problems.

- Encourage the skill of finding and interpreting information, using all relevant technologies. 

- Establish a firm foundation of ICT and computing skills needed for adult life. 

- Enrich a general knowledge of the environmnet from historical, geographical and scientific viewpoints. 

- Create an awareness of other languages and in Key Stage Two, develop knowledge of a Modern Foreign Language. 

Spiritual Development 

- Foster an understanding of Christianity and the Bible. 

- Promote awareness of the importance of religion as a factor of human experience and apprciate that all religious beliefs are respect and consideration. 

- Develop knowledge and understanding of the world's religons and other people's beliefs. 

Physical Development 

- Develop body awareness and coordination in movement and dance.

- Encourage the child's confidence in movement and gymnastic ability using apparatus to develop strength, speed and agility.

- Develop athletic skills in running, jumping, throwing and catching. 

- Improve skills and stategies associated with a variety of recognised team and invidual games.

- Teach children water skills and develop confidence.

- Experience outdoor and adventurous activities including orienteering.

- Actively promote healthy eating and lifestyle choices. 

Artistic Development

- Promote an appreciation and enjoyment of the arts. 

- Develop role play and drama through movement creativity and improvisation. 

- Develop ability in arts and crafts using a variety of media. 

- Encourage the child's confidence and ability to sing, create music and play a variety of musical instruments. 




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