A Parents’ Guide to Assertive Mentoring at Cranwell Primary School

 What is Assertive Mentoring?

It is a collection of cohesive, whole school systems which work together to raise achievement for all children and fits in well with what we already do at Cranwell Primary School.  We believe that it will support us in our aim to raise standards by strengthening good practice and refining our existing systems.   

The Key Components of Assertive Mentoring are:

-  Robust target setting based on the school’s data analysis of your child’s prior attainment or baseline testing.  This sets challenging targets which are based on skills your child needs to work on over a period of approximately two months. 

-   A robust and rigorous assessment system which assist teachers to make highly accurate assessments of your child’s learning needs.  This enables teachers to focus their teaching on the gaps in learning to accelerate progress. 

-   Pupil tracking which involves the child as well as the target staff in identifying if a child is not achieving their target, is nearly there, is on target or is exceeding their target. 

-  Intervention and support systems which include the assertive mentoring conversation.  This is a collaborative dialogue based on the child’s present and future learning.  The child is supported with an individual Assertive Mentoring file and every child has a 1:1 conversation with their class teacher at least once a term. 

-  Monitoring and checking that things are happening when they are supposed to happen.  

Assertive Mentoring provides the vehicle for ensuring that target setting, pupil tracking, intervention support systems and monitoring are brought together and wrapped around the child.  The child remains central to the whole process throughout.  

How will Assertive Mentoring benefit my child? 

-  All children from the Foundation Stage to Year Six will have greater understanding and ownership of their own targets through the regular use of their own Assertive Mentoring file.  This file will contain their target sheet and their most recently assessed work.  All children will have targets for Reading, Writing and Maths together with relevant aspects of school life pertinent to your child, for example, presentation of work, attitude to homework, wearing of correct uniform, bringing in to school PE kit, attendance and punctuality.  This file, containing progress evidence, will form the basis of your child’s assertive mentoring meeting. 

-  All children will have the opportunity to meet with their teacher on an individual basis to talk positively about their progress, their targets, their attitude to learning and their effort in class.  They will be encouraged to reflect on how well they are doing in relation to their own personal learning targets. 

-  This will form the basis of the child’s dialogue with the teacher.  In this way, all children, include those with SEN or who are Gifted and Talented, take a full part in ensuring they have a clear understanding of what their targets mean and how they can achieve them.  Children have the opportunity to discuss with teachers the approaches and strategies that work best for them in class.  Any barriers to learning are identified and next steps will be discussed with the child.  Targets are reviewed. 

-  Some children may benefit from additional mentoring meetings to support them to keep on track.  In this way, support is further personalised for the child. 

-  Children become more motivated to succeed and meet their targets when they know there are high expectations that they will achieve them. 

-  Assessment of your child’s work will be even more robust and those children who are not making expected progress will be identified and reviewed regularly for appropriate intervention.  

How does Assertive Mentoring enrich the Parent/School Partnership? 

-  Parents and teachers will have a joint understanding of the principles and aims of Assertive Mentoring.  This will enable parents and school to work as a team to ensure every child reaches their full potential. 

-   At parents’ evening, parents will be given consistent, evidence based judgements regarding each child’s attainment, achievement and attitude.  The child’s Assertive Mentoring File will be used in the discussion. 

-   The dialogue with the teacher can focus in on what additional support and strategies can be undertaken at home to maximise progress for the child.  

Assertive Mentoring is embedded in Cranwell Primary School to raise standards for all. 

If you would like to know more, feel free to ask any member of the staff.